Membership Doctrine

The Executive Board of Governors and Trustees of the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA)came about some changes to the awarding of Memberships. It was unanimously agreed with the millennium years’ development to change the title of their award as “Certified” from the year of 2005.

This is because to offer their membership directly to working professional to uplift their individual image to professional level to certify their worthiness for the respective level of memberships. But in the year of 2016 the Corporation of Executives and Administrators (CEA) did change their name to UK Certified Knowledge Association (UKCKA) to implement the vision CEA’s 2005. Therefore, UKCKA offers their membership as Certified Fellow, Certified Full Member, Certified Practitioner, Certified Associate and Certified Affiliate.

This membership is facilitated through two dedicated appraisal schemes which are known as Affirmation for Prior Experience & Learning (APEL) or Accreditation for Career Progress Development (ACPD). The UKCKA Certified Membership are offered under the specific criteria of Professional Quality Management Standards; therefore, the Certified Membership of UKCKA is considered upon the above two defined schemes. The membership is focused upon individuals who has accumulated their knowledge either by working or learning. The assessment is performed rather traditional three-hour examination methodology to a Continuous Consistent Assessment (CCA) scheme, this is to give consideration of past and present work experience and hands on training by offering Credit Units, which will enable to obtain the appropriate grade of membership from the relevant faculty. There is no time limit; therefore, busy working professionals have every opportunity to meet UKCKA’s entry requirements. UKCKA’s Certified Membership is considered under the defined scheme of ACPD or APEL.

For those who do not meet the entry requirements, UKCKA has introduced the “Skill Competence Scheme” this is to attend number of Workshop and Seminar to become eligible for appropriate Membership Level. Every applicant should follow the process his/her application via the Affiliate Grade Membership and attending oral examinations to determine their suitability in terms of membership. Upon successfully completing the ‘Skill Competence Scheme’ candidates may directly apply to the International Coordinating Centre for a form for the appropriate faculty membership of UKCKA, provided they fulfil the other necessary requirements as to the eligibility for membership. Every applicant will have to undergo the Appraisal and Ability Test in order to acquire the UKCKA’s Certified Membership. Those who do not qualify with enough credits will be channelled to follow Workshops and Seminars to acquire the necessary credit units of the certified membership for what they are seeking. This method of assessment is carried out by many international awarding institutions. Upon completion of these and the accumulation of further credits, they then can qualify for appropriate certified membership of UKCKA.

UKCKA’s Executive Membership Secretary hereby requests from every active member to keep the UKCKA updated their personal information at all time, which will give the opportunity to communicate on a regular basis. It is the fundamental responsibility of every member to remember this at all time. If any member wishes to share their achievement or any other information, they can do so, through our publications known as Admin Times or Admin World or directly through the Website.

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