Governing Body

The Executive Board of Governors (EBG) are the professionals who undertake the responsibilities on an honorary basis of the Corporation’s entire operation and also formulate all policies.

Any changes or amendments to the structure or operation must have the full approval of the Executive Board of Governors. The Executive Board of Governors are the Trustees of the Corporation and it is an honorary position without any remuneration for their individual contribution, subsistence, incidental expenses and honorarium will be reimbursed with the approval of Executive Governor General.

The sole Life Member with Power of Veto will be the Executive Governor General. The Executive Governor General has the right and the power to nominate any individual for any position of Aventus Association in consultation with the other officials of the Executive Board of Governors and Trustees. The Executive Board of Governors & Trustees are the governing council to change, supervise and implement the bylaws and the Articles Memorandum of UKCKA.

The Executive Board of Governors & Trustees will meet twice in a year to oversee the entire operations of the Association and to supervise the Executive Administrative Management Council (EAMC). The Executive Board of Governors will remain in their respective position, until the Executive Governor General call for any changes or dissolve the Executive Administrative Management Council.

The EAMC is not elected but nominated by the EBG and the nominated persons can be removed from office if they breach any of the organisation's rules, or for non-compliance, or non-performance of their obligations. An Executive Administrative Management Council (EAMC) is nominated to take the responsibility to manage the day-to-day operations and to take decision in consultation with the General Executive Council of UKCKA. The General Executive Council (GEC) is elected from within the active paid members of the UKCKA.

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