Council of Business Development

The Council of Business Development (CBD) is a team of professionals who are dedicated to the welfare of Association’s progress in all area to make sure of smooth operation, development, recognitions, accreditations advancement on an international level.

The CBD will have the following operational structure. They will be directly answerable to the Executive Senate Legislatures. The appointment of professionals to the CBD must have the final consent of the Executive Governor General (EGG) is the Supreme Executive Official of the Association, who has the power to nominate or eradicate any professionals from the council, if they do not perform to the expectations of the Executive Board of Governors.

The Executive Court of Governors have come to a unanimous conclusion that, for the betterment of effective operations, it has been agreed to permit the CBD to establish One International and a number of Regional Business Development Divisions. All the Business Development Divisions will be monitored and answerable to the Council of Business Development (CBD). The Regional Operation will be headed by its own Regional Director for Business Development.

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